Amp Up Your Bathroom With Items Under $50

Amp Up Your Bathroom With Items Under $50

Give your washroom a fresh look for just under $50! Sounds like a piece of exciting news.

Amping up the bathroom doesn't require a complete overhaul – just some investment and creativity know-how. Make fresh bathroom update without starting from scratch. In this post, learn how to add style and luxury at an affordable price.

So Clean and Fresh – Ways to Enhance Your Washroom Look!

Tame Your Clutter

Let's start with something simple that costs zero money. If you are like many other people who like accumulating empty skincare products bottles, it's time to reuse them. Keep the good stuff and donate the rest. These bottles will help you store products and organize things.

Revitalize Your Claw-Foot Tub

Sometimes an old tub needs a fresh look. Rather than replacing it, save money by reglazing it instead. Any ideas? No! What do you think of paint? Yes, you can make your tub a focal point by coloring it outside 

with deep blue or grey color, giving it a soft contrast between a white interior and muted exterior, whatever you like to do as it's your space.

Fun With Walls

Adding a little color is not bad. Color walls with white, black, or patterns that are easy to clean and bear up humidity. You can make your own graphic wall covering inexpensive peel and stick designs. One idea that you can incorporate in the washroom of your little one is stickers such as the alphabet or their favorite cartoon character.

New Racks

Buy new racks because they are an affordable way to add a useful thing to your washroom. Hang a towel on the stand that is easily within your reach.

Purchase Fresh Scents

Another affordable way to give a luxury touch is to swap out those wintery aromas you have been using for something more of the season. You can also add scented candles near your bathtub to make it more 

relaxing and calming.


If you got bored with white flooring, then it's time to change it. There are many options you can opt for amping up your bathroom, one of which is checkboard flooring. These are durable and affordable ways to give two-toned to your ceramic floor. If you don't like big tiles, then go with a small one. You can even cut them into small ones with a tiles cutter.

Reuse a Vintage Vanity

Use a mirrored dresser as a sink cabinet. If you can afford the expensive one, buy brand new otherwise, the best way is to purchase on sale. You can choose to keep the unique surface; otherwise, you can paint it grey or gold to give it a vintage look.

Summing up, there is thousand way you can enhance your washroom look. If you are already at the end of the amping process, don't forget to replace a glass window with a stained or panel-style window to obscure the face without blocking light.

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