Organize Your Home The KonMarie Way

Organize Your Home The KonMarie Way

Cluttered home? Not a problem anymore as Marie Kondo is here to save the day. For those of you who are not aware of this entity, Marie Kondo is a Japanese organizing consultant who has mesmerized the world with her effective and time-efficient tidying and organizing methods. She has inspired many with her exceptional yet easy cleaning-up techniques that everybody seems to love.

Don’t wait for the spring-cleaning season anymore, and get started with decluttering, cleaning, and organizing your house right away.

What is the KonMarie Method?

Marie Kondo does not start tidying from anywhere and organizes anything in the house; rather, she has devised a tried-and-tested methodology so that you declutter and tidy your house once! She categorizes the house in five sections and begins by sorting them orderly;

  1. Clothing – includes everything you carry or wear
  2. Books
  3. Papers
  4. Misc items
  5. Sentimental

Categorizing the house makes organization easier. So if you choose to sort through your laundry first, you may require a laundry sort basket that’ll help you separate your dark, light, and colored clothes accordingly. While you’re on clothes, ensure that you go through every cupboard and cabinet that has shoes, hats, accessories, scarfs, and other apparel so that you don’t miss anything. You should start with two piles; keep and discard, after which you store your belongings in nifty storage bags or bins.

After you’ve sorted through your clothing, you must move on to the other items in an orderly manner. While doing so, there are a few things that you need to set your focus on;

Let Go of the Past

Humans tend to hold on to things that remind them of the past and make them nostalgic. This is one habit that you have to let go of while following the KonMarie way. To get satisfying results, you must put a blinder on and think about the things you genuinely need; anything other than that has to go.

Respect Your Possessions

Do you feel bad looking at the $500 worth handbag lying down somewhere in your closet? Regardless of your answer, you’ll learn how to value and respect your belongings by following the Marie Kondo way. Your closet and its possessions do not deserve to live in mixed-up messiness. Take a long hard look at your closet and question everything that you see lying on the ground, hanging from the hangers, or squashed into one corner? Don’t they deserve to be neatly put and organized? You’ll have your answer.

Learn the Fold!

Marie Kondo is known for her folding techniques. She has saved the lives of many by introducing them to this clean storage technique. According to the organizing consultant, folding helps with space and creasing. From tops and dresses to pants and skirts and undergarments, she folds literally every apparel that comes into her sight.

Now that you’re aware of the KonMarie way of organizing your home get yourself some organizing essentials from JaneWayGoods and make the magic happen!


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